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Best of Luck at Best

Pond director, Leighton Howl reflects on the three key reasons why design awards are still a goodie for the greater marketing and design industry.

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‘Design Awards,’ we hear you say with either an exclamation or a sigh. While some may deride them as being pointless - whether you like it or not, for good or for bad, we are deep in New Zealand’s agency and marketing comms award season, again. The Marketing awards are over (last week) for another year, this Friday is the largest of all the 'Best' the biggest of all (my favourite) and in four weeks is advertising's Effie Awards.

Each new design idea is a leap without a net – imagine leaping day in and day out each year as a designer without knowing whether the idea is any good… History has always awarded trophies to those who worked hard and outperformed the competition, and in an ever-changing design industry, it’s more important than ever to celebrate setting and keeping the bar high. 

Here at The Pond, we see no problem with a few pats on the back and even think award shows still hold a lot of value in 2018, in addition, they are a night of great fun and a chance to push for a promotion on Monday. With Best awards set for this Saturday, we have put together a few reasons on why we think awards are still relevant to the industry

1. It’s a chance to learn from your fellow designers - the competition 

What better way to gain insights on what standards are being set? Design Awards are also the perfect time to take note of key styles, trends, and best practices to implement moving forward. Take the learnings back to your team and your clients. Look at what won, what didn’t and why - the result will be better work all around and will instill a sense of winning for that next pitch. Success breeds success.

2. They help differentiate great from the good.

 Awards help identify which designers and studios are doing some of the best work for their clients – which is the most important part in today's noisy and cluttered world.

In these confusing and turbulent times, with more mediums than ever before, standing out by winning awards gives you credibility and shows everyone you have achieved what you set out to do. You become the greats that everyone else strives to better. 

3. And finally, winning awards (for the studio) helps attract the best talent. 

From design to digital, marketing to sales; the best talent of any kind wants to work with others at the top of their game.

Awards validate your hiring stature among new recruits and existing top staff. By entering, winning, pitching yourself outwards, as the best you can attract the design talent you need to push your studio or business forward. Everyone wants to work on the interesting brands and projects to make an impact on the market, and awards are where the finalist come together to celebrate doing just that.

So there you have it. We wholeheartedly believe there's still huge substance involved at the awards - more than the obvious kinds. 

See you at Best 2018. Best of Luck.

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