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2018 Social Marketing: Bags Not Behaviour Change Strategy

About Project


Single use shopping bags are the posterchild for wasteful and polluting plastics. We all know we shouldn’t use them but many of us are on autopilot when it comes to the alternatives and want someone to help us learn about our options.

Insight: Build a grassroots movement on the behaviours we want to encourage.

An inclusive strategy around social engagement welcomes everyone who wants to reduce single use bag waste - businesses, consumers and local government.

A grass roots behaviour change approach promotes multiple alternatives that all address the everyday routines we must tackle to turn good intentions into action.

Idea: Say Bags Not to single use plastic bags

An original five Rs mantra ‘Reduce, Reuse, Replace, Recycle & Restore’ helps cut the number of bags being used and train bag users not to need them tomorrow.


From its conception as a pro-bono idea Bags Not secured $300k seed capital from Foodstuffs and launched through the New World retail chain nationwide.
The multi-layered campaign grew a community over 13,000 followers in months and added to the momentum that helped achieve a single use plastic bag ban.




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