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Project Blue

About Project

Project Blue is a collective group of people who are making changes to the way New Zealand uses and disposes of single use plastic, and documenting it all as they go.

Over the next 3 years Project Blue will be travelling to different destinations in New Zealand and around the world documenting the direct affects our plastic consumption and waste is having on our seas. Project Blue will be filming the sad and heart-breaking truth about the impact of our plastic waste on the ocean and all that lives within it. Project Blue will be showcasing the beauty of our oceans and we hope to inspire and bring people closer to the environment this film is trying to protect. Alongside travelling the world and filming, Project Blue will act local and be talking to NZ companies on how they can reduce and even completely switch from using the plastic packaging that is damaging our environment.

I worked directly with Project Blue to craft a web front for the group. The website shares the story of how Project Blue was founded and its key missions and the team behind the movement. Supporters can sign up to help or just follow the Project Blue journey.




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Project Blue

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