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Design Director / Art Director
12 Plus years Experience
Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch

Represented: 22/09/15

NZ Reflections I: Architecture

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All photography.

2018 National House of the Year, Resene Construction Systems National Awards.

Nestled quietly into the cliffs, this significant residence sits comfortably in the landscape all the while disguising the grandeur beneath.

The structure is solid concrete with a combination of Rockcote plaster, aluminium façade panels, and timber.

The exterior of the concrete structure has been ‘outsulated’ with our GRAPHEX overlay system which provides a complete thermal barrier to the structure – making the home easier to warm in winter and cool in the summer months. The Rockcote plaster finish was coloured Resene Dune. The depth of colour over the plaster façade was achieved with our CoolPlast technology along with Resene CoolColour technology to reduce heat build up on the coating system. This exclusive Resene Construction Systems technology allows for very dark colours over a variety of substrates enabling designers and homeowners a vastly improved colour range to choose from.

The exterior façade and finishes were but a small part of this residence. Heading indoors there is virtually no wall untouched our specialist Artisan interior plaster finishes.

Our Artisan interior concrete effects plaster finish was applied to achieve a smooth to touch surface with ‘burnished’ highlights to emulate solid concrete walls. The finish was applied over multiple substrates yet achieved a uniform finish to all the different surfaces.

The end result – National House of the Year 2018 at the Resene Construction Systems National Awards.




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