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UX / UI Designer / Digital Designer
12 Plus years Experience
Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton

Represented: 08/10/15


A professional digital designer who has been involved in the design and advertising industries for over 18 years with experience as a  Digital & Web Designer, Senior Designer, Art Director.


I have a strong passion for all things digital and can offer a wide range of design and technical skills. I always deliver above expectations on every project, set high standards and make sure that everything is of the highest quality. Seeing the positive results of my work in terms of agency and client success is certainly what I work towards.


Art Direction Creative Direction Design Direction Digital Design Graphic Design Human Centred Design Microsites Research Responsive Web Design Storyboarding


Acrobat X Pro Adobe XD Figma Flash CC HTML5 Illustrator CC InDesign CC InVision Microsoft Excel Microsoft Powerpoint

My skills

HTML5 banner creation
Front end development
Develop and write CSS, CSS3, HTML and HTML5
Digital advertising
UX and UI design
Implementation of JQuery and PHP
Flash Banners
HTML5 Banners
Dynamic content integration with HTML5 banners
SEO and Google Analytic’s management
Email Newsletter (EDM) design and code for platforms such as Strong Mail and Campaign Monitor
WordPress platform including building custom designed websites.
Theme implementation and customisation for client web requirements.
Write CMS instruction manuals and hold instruction workshops on how to work with the wordpress CMS.

Website Design
Print design and art direction
Art working

Social Media
Facebook page set up
Social media strategy

Recent Employment

UX / UI Designer / Feb 2020 - Mar 2020 / Digital Arts Network

Auckland, New Zealand


I was contracted to work on an onboarding process involving a multi-policy insurance journey for DAN’s client ANZ and Vero. On this project, I worked alongside the project manager and experience strategist. Some user testing and research had already been done on a single product journey, so my job was to immerse myself in the research and user testing findings and build the multi-policy insurance experience. I took part in workshops to understand and develop the user journey, which consisted of studying the product requirements, diagramming, journey mapping and sketching out user flows. 


From here, I started developing low-fi wireframes, which were iterated on until finalised. I then built the required screens in Sketch, using design patterns already established in the ANZ library and when required, developed new patterns and components that were not existing or could improve on a previous pattern. Once these designs were finalised, I brought them into Invision and built the clickable prototype. 


The next step was my involvement in the user testing. This consisted of users coming into the agency to go through and use the prototype. They were then asked questions regarding their needs and requirements, as well as their user experience. The sessions were recorded and viewed live via audiovisual in a separate viewing room. Findings from these sessions were then studied and written onto post-it notes, which were then clustered into user patterns. From these insights, I then iterated design patterns and user flows for the next round of user testing, as well as developing mobile components for any new patterns that I had developed.

User Experience Designer / Oct 2019 - Dec 2019 / Les Mills International

Auckland, New Zealand


I was contracted as a UX Designer to join the Les Mills On Demand product team. While I was there I was responsible for designing the LMOD web experience, which was based on the newly developed LMOD mobile app. This process involved analysing user research, data and existing user personas. From here I started creating sitemaps, customer journey maps and user flows. I then started building low-fi wireframes of the site, presenting progress to stakeholders, iterating and then building prototypes from the lo-fi screens designed. I then conducted user interviews, consisting of organising interviews with international users and then conducting the interview via video conferencing where the participants interacted with a mobile prototype and were asked a set of questions. This was recorded and then analysed later, with findings disseminated and written up on Miro boards for presentation to stakeholders. Based on this research, screens were iterated where required. Once low-fi wireframes were finalised, I then created hi-fi designs in sketch, including desktop, tablet and mobile versions.

UI / UX Designer / Jul 2019 - Sep 2019 / Auckland Council

I was contracted as a UI/UX Designer for the redesign of the Auckland Council Pools & Leisure website. The project involved working in an Agile driven team comprising of a UX designer, business analysts, developers, content writers, testers and various business owners to create a new refreshed website.   The new website objective is promoting activities and events around Auckland districts, that help get the user active and promotes to them activities that best suit their specific needs, requirements and in a location that suits them.    The UX brief was to design a website that is useful, easy to use and be a place where they could efficiently achieve their end objective. It also needed the content to be easy to find and understand, as well as be accessible to a full range of users and pass high accessibility standards. Finally, it needed to add value to their lifestyle and fulfil their health and fitness goals.   Job description included: UX research. Hi-fi prototyping. User testing. UI design for page design and componentry. Following Auckland Council brand guidelines, patterns and adding into the pattern library, new patterns designed specifically for this project. Producing pixel-perfect page design and components, then uploading into Zeplin for developers to use.  Software used: Adobe XD Zeplin

Mediums I know well

All print mediums
Can build wordpress themes

Honours & awards

Most recent: Found App – Pedigree, Samsung etc


Media Design School

Diploma of Digital Media 


Auckland University of Technology

Graphic Design Certificate 



Creative. Digital. Marketing. Recruitment.

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