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Fidelity Life print ad

About Project

Fidelity Life's longtime slogan has been "Protecting the New Zealand way of life", but that way of life has changed significantly from the good ol' Mum at home, Dad at work, quater acre section, meat and three veg, low-key monocultural days of of 1973, when the company (and slogan) was established. Our society is much more diverse in a multitude of ways, and, significantly for the industry, women are increasingly likely to be the shared or sole breadwinner of the family, making them a growing market for Life and Income Protection insurance.

In this one-off, targeted print ad for Mindfood magazine I created a fictionalised account of a day in the life of the average Mindfood reader (female, professional, high earning, with one-plus children at home). Following a loose, internal monologue from wake-up up to wind-down, the copy highlights both the busy work and home life of this customer and the various international influences that shape it.

The tagline: Your New Zealand life may look a bit more international these days, but we're as dedicated as ever to keeping it protected.




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Fidelity Life

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