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Represented: 15/06/18

University of Auckland Marketing Strategy

About Project

A Marketing Strategy designed to accelerate the University of Auckland over the next 3 years, including digital transformation, innovation, insights and stakeholder management initiatives.




Digital, Research, Strategy


University of Auckland

The Situation

The University of Auckland is New Zealand's largest and most prestigious university. The challenge was how to maintain and build on its strength in the face of significant changes in the marketplace, shifting aspirations of young people and the rapid development of digital marketing.

How Lew Helped

Lew designed a Marketing Strategy, including a new approach for how the university can better engage with schools. The project involved several key elements, including:

Extensive research with stakeholders, school leavers, parents, existing students and the wider market.

Collaboration with internal teams to identify capabilities and co-design innovations.

Design the core marketing strategy and how the university can best move forward.

The Outcome

This work has helped the university in several important ways:

How to accelerate the university's digital transformation.

It has identified a series of innovations that can make the university more competitive and more relevant today and into the future.

How to best manage the university's marketing programme across different internal stakeholder groups.

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