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Nik 100615
Videographer / Editor
0-4 years Experience
Auckland, Hamilton, Christchurch

Represented: 16/03/18


Nik creates inspiring visual content. His personal interests of videography & photography, travel, music, good food and lifestyle enables him to view and capture the world in a creative and inspiring way.


Nik began filming in the hair and fashion industry working alongside many award-winning hair stylists and barbers, both nationally (UK) and internationally.


Nik works closely with clients based in Manchester and London continually adding to his portfolio. He has created videos for restaurants, night-clubs, bars, apartments, tutorials and live events / expos for social media and websites. 


Photography is another professional service that Nik offers to accompany video. Landscape and street photography is where he finds inspiration to snap stills. Using photography alongside video creates a unique look for clients and brands.


Directing Photography Script Writing Videography


After Effects CC Final Cut Pro X Illustrator CC InDesign CC Lightroom CC Photoshop CC Premiere Pro CC

My skills


Visual content that engages and inspires your audience is a key component of my videography.

I pride myself on building relationships with clients and those on set to produce raw and professional looking videos.

Whether it's a behind the scenes shoot, through to a marketing production with multi-cams, I ensure that the service, and ultimately the end result, is one that both clients and I are proud of for years to come.


Premiere Pro and After Effects are used to support my filming in post-production.

I always ensure that clients are informed through the process of editing. When filming, I am constantly looking for new and creative shots that I can tailor to each client's needs. This ensures each video has its own unique style.

From a neat looking 30 second promo, through to a tutorial with titles and effects, I have you covered.

Photoshop is also an area I have experience with to create and edit images on request.

Recording and Editing Audio

Formerly a musician - I have experience of being in many recording studios. I currently have the latest edition of Pro Tools, which I use for personal use to record and edit audio.

On set - I use an H6 zoom audio recorder to capture any vocals to support the production. From a clip-on lapel mic, to a Sennheiser boom, capturing audio and syncing in post-production is something I really enjoy.

Recent Employment

Freelance Videographer / Editor / 2016 - Present


    • Working for my own business producing and filming content for a range of clients in hair & fashion, restaurants, live expos.


Industries I know well

Live Events
Travel & Tourism


Bachelor of Arts - History & English

Post Graduate Diploma in Secondary Teaching - English / Social Studies



Creative. Digital. Marketing. Recruitment.

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