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Represented: 14/09/20

Spark 5G Lab

About Project

Art direction, graphic and spatial design executed in NZ’s first live 5G testing environment.

Aesthetically, Spark wanted to create an environment with a premium, futuristic feel, while staying true to the concept of a “lab”.

Faux polished concrete flooring contrasts beautifully with bold, black open ceiling tiles. Clean, white, bespoke exhibition walls bridge the gap between floor and ceiling. Their curved, modular design adds movement, promoting flow throughout the showcase. Accent lighting provides a sense of space and weightlessness to the walls. With Spark’s desire to periodically refresh showcase elements, the seemingly fixed exhibition walls were designed to be modular, allowing for the space to be reconfigured in a number of different ways.

Guests proceed through a tunnel of (RGB) LED extrusions, symbolising the transition from present to future. The content provides an overview of 5G, and how the network will shape our lives and our businesses.

While the showcase components vary broadly in size, look and feel, the use of white LED lit acrylic plinths and supporting graphics, ensures consistency.

Linear graphic treatments on the walls and bold, colourful connecting lines on the floors provide way-finding, adding to the flow throughout the space, and symbolically connecting the different technology to the Spark 5G network.




Art Direction, Graphic Design, Spatial Design


Spark New Zealand

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