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Stephen 100615
Storyboard Artist / Illustrator
12 Plus years Experience
Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington

Represented: 04/06/13


Drawing is something I’ve always done. Rather than try to verbalise, or write about something, I’ll visualise it. I’m constantly drawing in my head.


That’s how it all started. Back at school I just wanted to draw, and college set me up for ATI (as it was known) and a graphic design path. Before the end of year course exhibition, I got off my arse and went to all the ‘big’ agencies round town with my portfolio. Since then I’ve spent an abnormally long time working for the DDB group as Art Director, then AD slash designer slash visualiser hyphen illustrator. From success under the Sales Success, WOW Factor and WRC brands, I’ve spent the last couple of years working with various agencies round town.

I design, draw, storyboard, and I can turn your stick men scamps into something the client will grasp in an instant. I’m well-practised at designing a logo or a brochure but what I’m known for is cranking out visuals or storyboards. I do paint and have had some exhibitions, mainly of a marine slant. I’ve designed and produced six, 80 page, full-colour yearbooks for a classic boating club, as well as other book designs.


Right now I’m restoring a classic yacht, which I’ve meticulously researched and designed. I grasped the computer as a tool from the day it arrived and love using it to colour my drawings. Basically, the visual medium for me is king, which these words have tried to explain. Now take a look at my pictures and see what I mean.


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I’ll certainly work until it’s done and that inevitably means all night or weekend, but due to my contract lifestyle I’ve picked up the nick name ‘Half-day’. Maybe, because I’m quick…

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Fine Art
Animation Frames
Comic Art

Creative. Digital. Marketing. Recruitment.

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