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Graphic Designer / Design Director
12 Plus years Experience

Represented: 12/04/12


I’m not so fond of writing profiles about myself so I should probably be getting someone else to do this. I could ask my wife but she finds things like my attention to detail, pretty annoying and probably wouldn’t do such a good job of selling that.


I’m a really keen landscaper in my free time, of which there is increasingly less these days (I also have two kids and a dog), but I approach my fence, deck and vege patch building as seriously, and perhaps as annoyingly, as any other creative pursuit. You start with a whole bunch of factors and constraints like terrain, size, slope, sun, wind, budget and so on. Then you decide on the things you want to achieve, like making an architectural statement, gaining privacy, or veges that won’t get blown to pieces in a Northerly etc. The two forces of inherent truths and desired outcomes swish around in your subconscious for a while and then you sit down and start scribbling. There’s refinement and iterations but soon enough you’ve got a plan on paper and a wonderful vision in your head. You start with the bones of the thing, dig a whole lot of holes, order a whole heap of timber and 18 months later you’re fussing over the little finishing details, while you wife looks on muttering, ‘is that really necessary?’. But, to me there’s no point in doing anything, unless it’s done properly, and with a dedicated passion (well, anything, perhaps apart from cleaning), which is where my attention to detail takes a sudden dip, much to the dismay of my poor wife.


To be fair, though, when those final few nails are hammered in and we stand back, and soak in the completed masterpiece my wife usually pipes in “Actually, that is pretty darn nice”. I’m used to that reaction from design clients too. I even got hugged once.


Brand Identity Branding Concepting Creative Direction Graphic Design Print Strategy Typography Web Design


Acrobat X Pro Illustrator CC InDesign CC Microsoft Excel Microsoft Powerpoint Microsoft Word Photoshop CC

I'm best known for...

The Interislander and other brand identity design. Hopefully, soon my recently launched T-Shirt venture as well.

Industries I know well

Performing Arts
Real Estate

Mediums I know well

Web design

Honours & awards

Accepted into Graphis (International Design Magazine), 2008
Accepted into Graphis (International Design Magazine), 2007
Best Awards, (Finalist), 2007
Best Awards, (Finalist), 2006
Best Awards, (Finalist), 2005
Best Awards, (Finalist), 2004
AWARD, (Finalist), 2004
Best Awards, (Finalist), 2003
AWARD, (Finalist), 2003
Best Awards, (Finalist), 2002


Bachelor of Design (Bdes)

Creative. Digital. Marketing. Recruitment.

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