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Hunting & Fishing NZ North Shore

About Project

The Hunting & Fishing New Zealand franchise is an outdoor retail juggernaut with 38 independently owned stores nationwide. This can make it difficult for individual stores to cut through the bigger brand and competing franchise noise to tell their own unique and localised stories. And while there is an overarching ecommerce business for the main Hunting & Fishing brand, it’s very difficult for individual stores to tap into and capitalise on this locally, making this essentially a digital marketing project for a brick and mortar customer that doesn’t have a website.




Content Creation, Content Strategy, Direct Marketing


Hunting & Fishing New Zealand

With organic social media being an algorithmic slog for brands these days, my approach was simple - we needed to uncover what makes the North Shore store unique, highlight their areas of expertise within a handful of categories, and create their own voice and tone while also sitting adjacent to the bigger Hunting & Fishing brand work.

Creating video content highlighting staff expertise, long form scenario based social posts on product, and working closely with suppliers on promotional opportunities are all examples of how we still stayed in the greater Hunting & Fishing brand sphere while still being able to stand out within it.

Additional digital touchpoints included a strong focus on local SEO through Google My Business content, fostering excellent reviews, and building an EDM database with monthly newsletter to reach another audience outside of social and search. Having a deep personal insight and experience with each category enabled me to formulate a strategy, craft copy and create content delivered with expertise and authority.

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