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Represented: 16/08/18

Daikin Dan - Making Sense of a Celebrity Endorsement

About Project

The TVCs use humour to bring to life the marked difference between the two Dans’ set of skills – making it very clear that not just any Tom, Dick or Harry can play rugby like Dan Carter, and by inference make and install world class heat pumps like Daikin.

In order to drive consumers on line and continue the rugby theme the ‘Daikin Home Advantage’ was created together with the line ‘Get the home advantage at Daikin.co.nz. Daikin the heat pump specialists’.

The Daikin Home Advantage idea utilised Google Street View on daikin.co.nz with a widget that makes a recommendation of which Daikin heat pump is suitable for your home using the provided street address and layering on north or south facing, prevailing wind and other relevant data.


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The Situation

Like most brilliant strategies, in hindsight this seems blindingly obvious. Daikin had invested heavily in signing up Dan Carter, but sales had continued to decline.

The Strategy

Through rigorous internal analysis and fresh consumer insights the brief changed the way in which Dan’s celebrity endorsement was utilised, anchoring the brand truth of Daikin's specialist positioning to Dan's specialist first five eight reputation.

The Outcome

The results were outstanding – with less than half the previous year’s media spend we generated an additional 1057 sales representing $3.17 million in incremental turnover and an ROI of $4.41 for every dollar spent.


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