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Struggling to Get Paid as a Freelance Creative?

Imagine this sad scenario: Dressed to the nines, you are treating yourself and your other half to a fancy candlelit dinner at the bougie restaurant normally reserved for anniversaries, sharing a bottle of fine wine and a menu with names you've never been able to pronounce.




You’ve just done top work on a five-month project for an up-and-coming design agency, and upon its completion, this is how you’ve chosen to celebrate. 

What’s sad about this picture, other than the fact that they are out of their signature tiramisu? 

Payment day was today with no check in sight. Ever pleasant to deal with, you give your client the benefit of the doubt. 

But the 30 days have gone by and you’re still waiting. You realise that perhaps you got a bit ahead of yourself with your celebratory shopping spree or night out. 

It’s a tragic tale as old as time:  complete a brief, submit an invoice, and… get paid. Maybe. Maybe get paid months later, or worse, wrangle the client as they try to get away with never paying at all. 

How to navigate this tricky, inevitable freelance problem?

Here at The Pond, our agents, unfortunately, know the struggle all too well, hearing horror stories from the creatives we represent of problems they've encountered before walking through our doors.

Assuming you’re not afraid to speak up, you chase your client for days on end. You remain cordial yet firm and ask for what's owed to you, but worry deep down that they will blacklist you and never call you up for work again. If the thought of confrontation makes you shrivel in your seat, you might hire the services of a lawyer to fight your corner for you. 

You could go an unconventional route and ask to get paid via credit card or come up with another battle plan to skirt the system such as withholding the final work until payment has gone through, attempting to maintain your bargaining power... 

Or, if you’re like other top talent who have decided they’re sick of resorting to any of the above shenanigans, you join The Pond and let us fight those niggly battles for you. 

Not only do we give you the best advice on how to set yourself up so you can realise your market potential and negotiate the best rates for you, being represented by The Pond means that we even manage and chase invoices for you to guarantee 28-day payment. 14-day, if you're a professional member of ours.

It's just one of the many services we offer to make life easy so you can focus on what makes your heart sing: doing meaningful creative work.

We'll get you paid for it and paid on time, too - we'll bet tiramisu on it. 

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