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Three things clients get when they call The Pond.

As New Zealand’s premier recruitment agency for creative, digital and marketing talent, The Pond is here to help you find the right people for your agency or business. All of our talent have been extensively vetted by senior agents who understand our industry and recognise the qualities you need in a hire.

We have teams of three agents who work across each client, ensuring we present you with only the best talent the industry has to offer. It’s a fast, focused service that gets results. And when we say results we now average 4.2 years per full-time placement, so we’re tracking well. The main reasons our clients keep calling are:

Guaranteed premium people

We put a lot of effort into quality acquisition, here in NZ and overseas. And then we put even more effort into vetting registered talent so that when you book or hire people through The Pond, you’re guaranteed a professional who is proven, career savvy and will hit the ground running when you need them. We like to think a premium service attracts premium applicants.

What we also do is look beyond the mere technical skills because we know that soft skills are just as important. We chat to them over the phone. We meet them in person and work hard to understand their motivations. So, you’ll find that all of our creatives, marketers and digital wiz kids are fun, real, well-rounded, business-minded, experienced, and multi-skilled leaders at their own level. In summary, we treat our talent as assets and do all the hard work upfront so you don’t have to.

Access to fresh, new international talent

Because we are the biggest in our field and have the largest freelance presence in the local NZ market – both on and offline – we are the first port of call for top talent returning or immigrating from overseas.

We are a massive net that catches most, if not all of the international people in creative, design and digital from the UK, US and Europe entering the Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and regional areas. Last week we booked a digital designer from Chicago for 12 weeks, a Brazilian packaging designer for 4 weeks and a French front-end developer on a 6-month contract.

More talent than ever before in creative, digital, design and tech are entering NZ each week. Many have 4-8 years experience and are on Under 30 work visas, many will stay and be sponsored, and most have the fresh skills that New Zealand companies now need to compete globally.

And we’re doing a lot to keep this talent here – for you! Our website is evidence of that as a standalone talent pool carrying 500 live people at any given time.

If you want to know who is new with fresh offshore experience, and who is looking for employment, let’s chat.

Straight up advice on flexible employment & resourcing solutions

The real joy of working in corporate marketing, agencies and the creative industries is the ever-changing nature of the talented people internally. The most amazing designer from New York turns up on your door one day, and then one in studio leaves the next. If you find yourself a fish-out-of-water when it comes to talent resourcing, we can advise you on best practices or the best solution to your on-going staffing and talent problems. Businesses are reducing their percentage of full-time staff and now utilising flexible employees more than ever.

There are many ways to skin a cat and we reckon we have a few, including 3-4 day weeks to monthly retainers, permanent part-time to causal on-call hourly project engagements.

We have plenty of freelancers who like the security of a regular gig to pay the bills. Not full-time, but permanent part-time. It could be just one day a week. Or two.

Leave it to us to advise and organise ongoing unique retainers and contracts that help you expand when the need arises, or, cover new projects for lumpy periods. It’s the smart way to go – instead of getting someone in all month to twiddle thumbs, you only pay for the time you actually need against the project or brief. Just think of the money you’ll save and how the hours or days worked will all be accounted for.

Talk to The Pond today for your talent needs. Our team of agents know the greater creative, digital and marketing industry and will save you time, money and reduce the chance of a bad hire.

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